child pregnancy,rape and law

We have studied how the Victorian law is interpreted and applied. The Victorian provision differs from the proposed Commonwealth one, but what we found offers clues about the significance of the Commonwealth exclusions. Victoria’s “character” test allows highly partial moral and political judgements about who may be deemed “worthy” of public sympathy and support. For […]

law and properties

Every state and territory has progressive sanctions regimes for fine default. If fines are not paid on time, people accumulate further debts, have their drivers licence suspended or disqualified, have property seized, perform community service work, and — in some cases — are imprisoned. Drivers licence sanctions operate especially harshly on Aboriginal people living in […]

hard loans and soft loans

Hard Money Loans Experts disagree on what how “hard money” got its name. Some say it refers to the fact that it is much more expensive than traditional financing and has “harder” terms. Others say it’s because it finances houses that are “hard” for conventional lenders to finance. Still others say the term describes the […]

lawsuit and annotation

ANNOTATIONS Right of the United States to Sue.—In the first edition of his Treatise, Justice Story noted that while “an express power is no where given in the constitution,” the right of the United States to sue in its own courts “is clearly implied in that part respecting the judicial power. . . . Indeed, […]

health insurance

The USA is world famous for the quality of its superior healthcare services. The country is also famous however, for the extremely high costs associated with medical treatment. The USA ranks as the most expensive place in the world for healthcare and medical services, with high levels of annual medical inflation, the costs in America […]

mining law

Mining, regardless of the method (surface or underground) or the resource (metals, coal, or other minerals), involves the separation of a geological strata or valuable ore from the earth. In all of its forms, mining requires extensive capital and specialized machines and labor forces. Because mining frequently occurs over large geographic areas it can alter […]


CONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LAW DEFINITION Economic Development Law is a multidisciplinary approach that leverages experience from several practice areas including real estate, tax, environmental, government relations, and construction. Attorneys representing companies in the economic development arena help businesses find the best location among the communities vying for their projects and assist those businesses secure and document […]

loans,cash and savings

There are multiple personal loan lenders in the USA from which you can get loans quickly and with low interest rates. Applying for a personal loan is a big financial step in our life. Whether secured loan or unsecured, fixed rate or variable, for $2, 000 or $ 20,000, you will be required to meet […]

electricity and renewable energy

Renewable electric prices fall while challenges rise Beyond policy goals, the growth of renewables is supported by their improving cost outlook. According to Lazard’s year-end 2017 estimate, levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for utility-scale renewable electricity continues to fall, averaging $45 per megawatt-hour (MWh) for unsubsidized wind power and $45 to $50 per MWh for […]